Welcome to Mats By Design

Our recycled mats are affordable, vibrant and creatively designed in Australia to suit your lifestyle.

Our mats are a quality "single" piece design with no centre seam, professionally finished and extremely durable.

Suitable for under gazebos, camper trailers, awnings, tents, caravans/ motorhome annexes, back of horse floats or simply on the beach or lawn our mats come in a range of handy sizes to meet your lifestyle needs.

Innovative one piece technology with added UV stabiliser to increase the look and life of your mat.

Eco-friendly made from recycled plastic.

Mats By Design designed for your comfort and lifestyle


An oversized fully enclosed zippered carry bag with a peg pocket is included with all mats - excluding doormats

Folded size of mats

1.8.m x 1.8m - 91cm x 30cm x 9cm - 2kgs

2.4m x 2.4m - 82cm x 29cm x 13cm - 3kgs

3m x 1.8m - 91cm x 31cm x 10cm - 3kgs

3m x 2.4m - 82cm x 29cm x 17cm - 4.5kgs

3m x 3m - 102cm x 33cm x 14cm - 3.5kgs

4m x 2.4m - 82cm x 35cm x 14cm - 4.5kgs

5m x 2.4cm - 82cm x 36 cm x 19cm - 5.5kgs

6m x 2.4cm - 82cm x 41cm x 20cm - 6.5kgs

6m x 3m - 102cm x 42cm x 21cm - 8.5kgs

As seen on creek to coast!!

Out & About with Kylie & Mats By Design

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