What Size Mat Do I Need?

We are often asked this question.

We recommend that you start if possible by measuring your awning as most people prefer to fit just inside their awning. This will give you a good starting point to choose your mat size.

If you are unable to measure your awning we recommend the following as a general guide for caravans.

10ft-12ft = 3m mat

13ft-17ft = 4m mat

18ft-20ft = 5m mat

21ft and over 6m mat

The majority of awnings are 2.4m wide on both caravans and camper trailers.


Folded Mat Sizes and Weights

The below table is each of the mat sizes available, along with the size of the mat when folded and their weight.

 Mat Size Folded Size Weight
1.8.m x 1.8m 91cm x 30cm x 9cm 2kg
2.4m x 2.4m 82cm x 29cm x 13cm 3kg
3m x 1.8m 91cm x 31cm x 10cm 3kg
3m x 2.4m 82cm x 29cm x 17cm 4.5kg
3m x 3m 102cm x 33cm x 14cm 3.5kg
4m x 2.4m 82cm x 35cm x 14cm 4.5kg
5m x 2.4m 82cm x 36 cm x 19cm 5.5kg
6m x 2.4m 82cm x 41cm x 20cm 6.5kg
6m x 3m 102cm x 42cm x 21cm 8.5kg
7m x 2.4m 82cm x 45cm x 24cm 7.5kg




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