All designs and sizes now in stock - check out our new Australian Design and our original Camping Design now available in Black & Grey!


We guarantee that our new mats do not have faulty construction or materials. If a manufacturing fault that deems the mat unusable is discovered in the first 12 months than we will repair or replace at our discretion. This warranty excludes faults and failures caused by improper use and abuse; fair wear and tear; acts of nature that are beyond the products specifications including excessive use of the mat in direct sunlight; or failure to follow instructions regarding usage, care or maintenance. Commercial use is not covered by this warranty.

It is important when you are folding your mat that you follow the fold lines they are are like a hinge and fold with them not against them. The mat will fold easily into three when folding with the folds and will resist when folding against it - One will fold over and one will fold under. You will damage the fibers if you fold against them - please note that you will void your warranty if you fold your mat incorrectly.

Please note that loose, short or broken fibres are not a manufacturing defect and do not comprise the product in anyway. Loose fibres can be snipped off or tucked back in to the weave. Your mat will not unravel from loose/broken fibres or holes if these occur.

Your mat is made from plastic, therefore indentations from furniture can occur. Any damage caused by furniture is not covered by warranty.
Warranty is claimed by returning the product or supplying photos to the place of purchase along with proof of purchase.

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