Muk Mat - Inner Well Step - 60cm x 28cm
Muk Mat - Inner Well Step - 60cm x 28cm
Load image into Gallery viewer, Muk Mat - Inner Well Step - 60cm x 28cm
Load image into Gallery viewer, Muk Mat - Inner Well Step - 60cm x 28cm

Muk Mat - Inner Well Step - 60cm x 28cm

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The original artificial grass mat is a must-have when it comes to maintaining your clean spaces like the home, the car and the caravan. 

The synthetic grass mat is specifically created to remove any dirt, grass or sand from your feet and shoes making them ideal to be used when camping to clean feet before getting into your caravan or tent. They are also great to use after a day on the beach and they make excellent doormats for home too!

Made from recycled materials, these popular mats come with a sturdy black trim, making them both a durable and smart addition to your outdoor gear.

The inner well step size mats are 60cm x 28cm with 40mm blade grass which makes them soft underfoot and easy to transport or move around. The durable high-density bristles make the Muk Mat very soft and comfortable.

Best of all, it is easy to keep clean. Simply give your muk mat a quick shake (by holding the edge of your mat, or rinse/clean with washing liquid if needed.

Designed and made right here in Australia.

The muk mat is ideal for the outdoor-loving family because of its innovative and effective designs.

The muk mat original is available in green or the new charcoal grey with a black trim.

Dimensions: 60cm x 28cm - Please check your measurements before ordering

Pair this mat with one of our recycled camping mat for outback adventuring and travel with family and friends.

Why is GREY more expensive?

Grey turf is not commonly manufactured, especially to the quality and sustainability that Muk Mats require for their mats.

As a result, the materials are significantly more expensive for Muk Mat to purchase.

Folded Mat Sizes & Weights

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When it comes to choosing the right size mat, it's also important to consider the size of the mat when it's folded.

Below you'll find the size and weights of each of our recycled mats.


 Mat Size Folded Size Weight
1.8.m x 1.8m 91cm x 30cm x 9cm 2kg
2.4m x 2.4m 82cm x 29cm x 13cm 3kg
3m x 1.8m 91cm x 31cm x 10cm 3kg
3m x 2.4m 82cm x 29cm x 17cm 4.5kg
3m x 3m 102cm x 33cm x 14cm 3.5kg
4m x 2.4m 82cm x 35cm x 14cm 4.5kg
5m x 2.4m 82cm x 36 cm x 19cm 5.5kg
6m x 2.4m 82cm x 41cm x 20cm 6.5kg
6m x 3m 102cm x 42cm x 21cm 8.5kg
7m x 2.4m 82cm x 45cm x 24cm 7.5kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Deanne Black
It really works

I really like the grey colour (matches the van) and it really helps reduce the grass and dirt that our Samoyed brings in. Great product.

Darren Harvey
Step well mat

Fits perfect & works awesome

Cherie Ludlow
Best item ever

Makes such a difference not carrying in the grass and dirt and sand from outside. Wish I had brought it sooner.

Kathryn Rayner
Fabulous purchase

Lp e our inner step muck mat - helps remove a lot more dirt from entering the van and is very easy to clean

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