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"I love my Out Back mat, it keeps all the dirt out of the van! Also my husband has had hip replacements and it is great in regards to the non slip surface for him. I recommed these to everyone."

Leigh Fowler recommends


"Got my first mat in 2010 and it’s still doing the job and still looking good."

Ian Ward


"Great mats. Had so many lovely comments on my one. I tell everyone where they can buy them. I would definitely recommend Mats By Design."

Barbara Winch


"Dear Stuart and Kylie
We bought our mat from you at the Newcastle caravan show some 2 and 1/2 years ago. We've used it on concrete, gravel, dirt, grass and sand. It's been on the ground for a total of probably 6 months in that time.
Last week we had to evacuate from a waterfront site due to King tides and storms We had to leave the mat as we couldn't fold it up in 100km winds. It was pegged down so we left it. The tide came over the mat and left about 12 inches of seaweed, rocks and shell grit.
This morning I washed it with car wash and a scrubbing brush and hosed it off. (This the first time it has ever been washed) This is what it looks like now. Just like new!!
We always get comments from other campers and refer them to your website.
Now we have even more reason to recommend you."

Robert and Peta Montgomery
Happy Customers



"We had our sons fourth birthday last week and used the mats, in our yard under our trees. We had so many comments about the mats from all the parents! I was thrilled that even after the soft drink and cake was smooshed in to the matt it just hosed off. We then used them at a horse show on Saturday under our Float awning and again so many comments and questions. My kids spent all day laying on them and my littlest crawled around, we then packed them up so neatly and back in the float. I cant tell you how happy I am with these mats."

Fionna & Drew
Roseneath Performance Horses

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